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When it comes to buying products in a bed shop, we recognise that people primarily focus on comfort and aesthetics. This makes perfect sense as mattresses and pillows have a huge impact on the quality of sleep while divan bed bases, ottoman beds and headboards provide the focal point of the room, so they need to look great and fit seamlessly with the design scheme. However, some of our most popular products involve cutting-edge technology or innovative manufacturing to help make them as appealing and effective as they are.


For the benefit of our customers in the East Grinstead area, we have outlined below how a selection of our products work. With this additional information, your next visit to our bed shop will be an even more productive one.


Ottoman Beds


The vast majority of homeowners interested in ottoman beds have already been attracted to the storage solutions they provide beneath mattresses, so we won’t go into details about the benefits they bring. Here, we focus on how ottoman beds lift and hold their mattresses in the manner they do.


When it comes to ottoman beds, our East Grinstead customers lay their mattresses on top of the bed base as usual. However, the underside of this base has a set of gas struts or pistons that, when utilised, lift the top of the base, and subsequently the mattress, up. These struts are usually placed at the top end of the bed, near headboards, so the foot end of the bed raises upward.


These struts then support the weight of the mattress while our customers access their storage space and stop any sudden slamming when finished. By way of comparison, these struts operate in much the same way as those in a car boot.


Divan Bed Bases


While divan bed bases don’t utilise technology in the same way as ottoman beds, they do have a manufacturing process that often goes unknown until people visit our bed shop. Divan bed bases consist of an upholstered wooden box, but this box is then cut in half for reassembly in the East Grinstead bedroom of choice.


The primary reason behind this manufacturing process is the ease with which a bed shop can deliver a divan bed. A significant amount of homes in the country have tight dimensions, be it narrow doorways, no rear access or sharp turns up staircases. Naturally, this makes delivering something as large as a bed an incredibly difficult task.


By cutting the bed in half, however, the process becomes infinitely easier. With minimal assembly once inside, including the addition of headboards as required, it’s little wonder why divan bed bases remain the UK’s most popular bed design.


Memory Foam Mattresses


When it comes to memory foam mattresses, most of our customers in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas know about the soft, mouldable material that reacts to the weight and heat of a body laying atop it. In recent years, however, new manufacturing processes have improved upon the traditional versions of these mattresses.


The basic version of memory foam mattresses consists of the familiar memory foam top layer. However, this is the thinnest layer within the mattress. Beneath this top layer lays a more resilient bonded foam, and beneath that is a firmer still high-density PU foam.


Modern advancements with this product have seen an improvement in temperature control, something that helps to improve the quality of sleep even further. In particular, cool gel memory foam mattresses, which we stock in our bed shop, not only control the heat, they offer even more support. With tiny gel beads infused and bonded with the foam itself, these mattresses help airflow through the product, allowing you to enjoy an even more comfortable night’s sleep.

If you are interested in beds, mattresses, bedding, headboards or any of our other products for your East Grinstead home, call 01342 714 422.

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