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Here at Manor House Beds, we have more than 25 years of industry experience, so we have a thorough understanding of all things bedroom related. From stunning headboards to comfortable mattresses, and from practical ottoman beds to the sheer popularity of divan bed bases, we have the expertise to find solutions for any requirement that customers in the Edenbridge area have. This bed shop know-how extends to the important task of cleaning the essential items in your bedroom.


Whether we like to admit it or not, sleeping is a dirty business.  During those peaceful overnight hours, our bedding and mattresses soak up the oils from our skin, sweat and dust, all of which accumulates over time. While most people recognise the health benefits of washing bedding every week or two, other items go much longer without so much as a thought about cleaning.


Below, we have provided a general guide on how often you should clean some of the most popular items in our bed shop.


How Often Should I Clean Bedroom Products?




While bed sheets and mattress protectors reduce the amount of sweat, dust and other nasties reaching mattresses, they aren’t exactly an impenetrable barrier either. This dirt, and the dust mites that revel in it, can’t be seen with the human eye due to their microbial size. As such, they easily pass through bedding.


As a result, we recommend the cleaning of mattresses at least twice a year. In an ideal world, our customers in Edenbridge and beyond should clean them with the changing of the seasons.


While cleaning mattresses isn’t always the easiest task, the most common methods include vacuuming, spot cleaning, rotating or flipping, and deodorising with baking soda.


Upholstered Headboards


As with any piece of furniture covered with fabric, upholstered headboards need cleaning to keep them fresh and looking in their best condition. Whether you use yours to prop up your head while reading or to support your back as you watch TV, the contact with hair and skin leads to a build-up of dirt, oil and dust. This shows particularly fast with light coloured headboards.


The team at our bed shop recommend vacuuming headboards every week or two, while steam cleaning should take place every six months. With a range of materials to choose from, we advise customers in Edenbridge to seek specific advice for your own product before undertaking any cleaning.


With fresh and clean headboards, divan beds and ottoman beds look as vibrant as the day you took delivery.




Naturally, beds don’t absorb as much dirt and grime as mattresses and headboards, but they still need regular cleaning. This holds particular truth regarding upholstered divan bed bases and ottoman beds. Regularly vacuuming away dust helps to reduce allergens in the room. Metallic and wooden bed frames also require regular dusting and spot cleaning as and when required.

If you live in Edenbridge and would like to discuss any of the items in our bed shop, from divan beds and ottoman beds to pillows and bedding, call 01342 714 422.

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