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From an Ottoman Bed to a Divan Bed in Horley | Benefits of Our Products

In our position as a locally trusted bed shop, Manor House Beds stocks a wide range of bedroom essentials that deliver multiple benefits to our customers in Horley. Be it divan bed bases, ottoman beds, mattresses, bedding, headboards or a range of bedroom furniture, our products deliver both practical and aesthetic advantages. With more than 25 years of industry experience informing our customer service and stock selection, we ensure that our customers always receive the ideal solution for their needs.


Ahead of your visit to our bed shop, we have taken a closer look below at some of the benefits that come with our most popular products.


Divan Bed Bases – The most obvious benefit of choosing a divan bed remains their in-built storage space. Whether Horley homeowners simply want a clutter-free bedroom or they have limited space to work with, a divan bed provides multiple drawers integrated into its base. This provides a valuable storage option within the same dimensions as the mattress itself, leaving as much free floor space as possible.


Divan bed bases also have a neat, simple yet stylish appearance, making them an ideal fit for bedrooms of any kind. With this new aesthetic and a much tidier room in general, a divan bed has the potential to make a drastic change in the tone of a bedroom.


Ottoman Beds – Ottoman beds have always been a popular choice in our bed shop and it’s easy to see why. Much like divan beds, ottoman beds offer an ample storage area immediately beneath the mattress, so they optimise the available floor space. In this regard, ottoman beds don’t have to adhere to the weight restrictions of the drawers in divan beds. The bottom of the storage space in ottoman beds is the bedroom floor itself, so Horley property owners can store much heavier objects.


In order to access the storage space, ottoman beds have a mechanism that lifts mattresses upward from the bottom end, although side-opening options are also available. While the prospect of lifting and closing a mattress seems like hard work, modern ottoman beds come fitted with gas pistons that remove the strain.


Headboards – Headboards come in a comprehensive range of designs and styles, so the staff in our bed shop can help customers find their ideal solution. When it comes to headboards, the primary benefit for homeowners in Horley is finding an integral part of their overall bedroom design scheme. Headboards often act as a centrepiece for the room, so they need to be just right.


The benefits of headboards extend far beyond their appearance, however. They improve comfort for those who read or watch TV in bed, and they make changing the bedding easier too. As a feature that combines all these benefits, headboards take up a surprisingly small amount of space too.


Memory Foam Mattresses – While we sell an array of mattresses for any requirement and budget, memory foam designs have seen a huge increase in popularity over recent years. The most obvious benefit that comes with these mattresses is their comfort and true body fit. Memory foam mattresses actively mould themselves to the shape, heat and pressure of your body. For the best insight into this experience, please visit our bed shop.


With cool gel technology, memory foam mattresses have an even greater control over temperature regulation through the night, further enhancing their comfort credentials. For those in Horley who suffer sore joints and back pain, these mattresses help to lessen stress for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are searching for a respected bed shop in the Horley area, call Manor House Beds today on 01342 714 422.

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