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From Headboards to Mattresses in Horsham | What to Consider When Making Purchases

Here at Manor House Beds, we recognise that visiting a bed shop often stirs up inspiration for bedroom transformations. Whether it’s new headboards to complete a design, new mattresses to improve comfort or completely new divan bed bases or ottoman beds to act as a focal point for an entirely new look, the potential options span a wide range of products. In order to get the best return on these investments, we consistently highlight some of the important factors our customers in Horsham and the surrounding areas should consider before making their purchases.


Whether you’re in the early stages of a bedroom overhaul or you’re preparing a visit to our bed shop with a set design in mind, we have outlined below some information to take into account to ensure your product suits your requirements.


Ensuring the Ideal Product for Your Needs




1. Comfort – Don’t look at mattresses based only on what everyone rates as the highest. Comfort is purely subjective and you need to prioritise your own to ensure optimal comfort and sleep. Consider aspects like size, firmness and materials.

2. Test – Issues like firmness differ between manufacturers. One brand’s firm sometimes equates to another’s medium. The only reliable solution is to visit our bed shop and physically test various mattresses.

3. Firmness – Firmer doesn’t mean better, but nor does too much softness. Overly firm mattresses create discomfort at pressure points, while too much softness causes sagging, poor posture and back pain.




1. Comfort Over Design – This rings true for Horsham customers who use headboards to watch TV and read books in bed. Intricate designs of wood and metal don’t make a comfortable surface to lean against. What’s more, because you’ll be leaning against it, darker hues disguise marks more effectively.

2. What Size? – Different people require different sized headboards, meaning those for children can be notably smaller than those for adults. What’s more, from a design perspective, headboards wider than the bed itself create a contemporary, sophisticated appearance.




1. Space Limitations – While available space has an obvious impact on the size of bed appropriate for your Horsham home, it also leads to creative storage solutions. Both divan bed bases and ottoman beds provide stylish options with integrated storage options. This allows for reduced clutter without eating into floor space beyond the dimensions of mattresses.

2. Style – As a bed shop, Manor House Beds stocks an extensive range of bed styles, so we encourage our customers to take their time. With ottoman beds, divan bed bases as well as wooden, metal, upholstered and faux leather frames, anyone without a clear vision can lose confidence in a planned purchase. The friendly, experienced staff in our bed shop happily take the time to ensure you have 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

From ottoman beds to divan bed bases and everything in between, Manor House Beds offers a one-on-one service for customers in Horsham and beyond. Please call us on 01342 714 422.

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