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From Mattresses to Ottoman Beds in Redhill | Our Favourite Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

As a bed shop with over 25 years of industry experience, the team at Manor House Beds understands that the majority of homeowners always prefer just a little more space in their bedrooms. When it comes to especially small rooms, however, storage becomes a genuine struggle. While features like divan bed bases and ottoman beds offer great solutions with their integrated storage areas, sometimes our customers in Redhill need to get inventive to optimise their space.


As a bed shop specialising in all manner of bedroom products, from memory foam mattresses to headboards, we have discovered a range of storage hacks over the years. Below, we have taken a closer look at some of our favourites.


1. Corner Shelves


Even the smallest, narrowest of shelves fitted into a corner can act as a substitute for more substantial bedside tables and cabinets. By placing them in the immediate vicinity of beds, corner shelves make an ideal place to put phones, drinks, books and candles.


2. Divan Bed Bases & Ottoman Beds


A significant amount of our Redhill customers turn to divan bed bases and ottoman beds to ease their space limitations. These options contain integrated storage spaces beneath their respective mattresses. In the case of divan bed bases, this comes in the form of in-built drawers, while ottoman beds contain substantial space for storing items beneath mattresses that lift up.


3. Ceiling hooks


Much like divan bed bases and ottoman beds, the best storage hacks kills two birds with one stone. Attaching ceiling hooks takes no time at all, and it allows homeowners in Redhill to hang out clothes with stunning effect. For those who struggle to leave the comfort of their mattresses in the morning, this solution represents a time-saving way to prepare your working wardrobe.


4. Practical Headboards


As a time-served bed shop, we understand the appeal of headboards. They bring unrivalled beauty and comfort to a room, so our Redhill customers naturally don’t want to sacrifice them. For people with space limitations, it’s advisable to look into headboards with integrated shelving and drawers. It’s inevitable that headboards take up some space, albeit not much; but with space at a premium, every inch must be utilised.


5. Use the Backs of Doors


The back of bedroom and wardrobe doors often don’t strike people as being practical storage areas, but they offer multiple handy solutions. A simple hanging rail, coat hook or mirror placed on one of these surfaces frees up space elsewhere in the room. As a bed shop with a stunning line of bedroom furniture, that’s a hack we can get behind!


From memory foam mattresses to striking headboards, we take our position as a locally trusted bed shop seriously. If you would like to discuss options to transform your bedroom in Redhill, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about ottoman beds, divan bed bases, mattresses, headboards or any of our other products in Redhill, please call us on 01342 714 422.

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