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Here at Manor House Beds, we have been serving the community of Crawley and wider Sussex for almost three decades, and are well-qualified to offer impartial and informed guidance on the size and firmness of your bed and mattress. Read on to find out the best size bed for your purposes or peruse our mattress firmness guide to find out how to get a great night's sleep.

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Your personal comfort guide

Whether you sleep on your side, front or back is crucial to your choice of mattress, its firmness, and the type of support it provides. By selecting a mattress that matches your sleeping style, you give yourself a much improved chance of getting a great night's sleep, and improving your quality of life overall.

If you are in any doubt, you can consult our mattress firmness guide or call our bed store in Crawley on 01293 515627.


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Side sleepers

More than half of the UK sleeps on their side, and for this style of sleep, memory foam, gel, or latex mattresses are all great choices, giving both support and softness, preventing pressure points and unwarranted spine curvature.

Back sleepers

This is the recommended position by most medical professionals, and this means there is great flexibility to choose the mattress type that you prefer. Traditional springs, pocket springs, gel, memory foam and latex are all perfectly fine.

Front sleepers

This position is often disapproved, because it risks straining the upper spine, so choosing a suitable mattress is even more important for front sleepers. We recommend memory foam or a hybrid mattress for this sleeping style.




Sizing guide

When considering the size of your bed and mattress you may need to consider your height, the room dimensions, and if the bed is for a child, how much you expect them to grow in the upcoming years. Some styles of bed extend a long way beyond the mattress area too, meaning the bed size needs to be taken into account too. Below is our sizing guide, but each sleeper is individual and it is very much dependant on sleeping methods and uses.


Small single

75x190cm – great for children and guest rooms.


90x190cm – Great for young children, teenagers, and small bedrooms. 

Small double

120x90cm – Great for single people or couples in small bedrooms. 



135x190cm – Ideal for two average sized people.


150x200cm – Great for people over 6ft, and for a luxurious couples' bed. 

Super king

180x200cm – The ultimate in space and luxury, with extra room both ways. 


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Mattress firmness guide

  Soft Mattress and Furniture Store selling Mattresses and Beds

These mattresses are best for lighter builds, and people who sleep on their sides, where there is enough give to accommodate hips and shoulders, preventing pressure on the spine.

 Medium Mattress and Furniture Store selling Mattresses and Beds

These all-purpose mattresses are fine for almost any sleeper, and give the support and comfort levels needed to enable anyone to get a good night of sleep.

 Firm Mattress and Furniture Store selling Mattresses and Beds

A firm mattress is best for people who sleep on their front or back, or for heavier builds, with increased firmness recommended depending on build and stature.



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